Susan Longman

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Vocalist and business contact for MidLife Crisis. 

Susan is married with two adult children and a native of Tampa. 

Singing has always been an important part her life. She first sang and performed with the Church she attended in Tampa as a child. She traveled through the southeastern U.S as part of a gospel performing group. This group staged musical productions of bible stories for many Church audiences. 

Susan also performed in small music productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and God Spell.

During High School she was in the mixed choir and the girls’ choir. 

Susan attended the University of South Florida where she studied music and vocals. While attending USF, she was the lead female singer for  a local pop music band. 

Singing and music was put aside so that she could spend time raising her children during that important part of her life. With her children grown, she resumed singing and performing just for fun. 

In December of 2007 she formed the group MidLife Crisis with the assistance of her friends.  Susan has been performing everyday since. Singing in Venues in St Petersburg, Sun City, Tampa, The Villages and all areas between.

Cathy Kelly

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Cathy is the proud granddaughter of a West Virginia coal miner and the daughter of a retired USAF Staff Sergeant.  She has a great respect for family heritage, hard work and respecting the men and women of the armed services.  

Cathy learned to love and appreciate a wide variety of musical genres while growing up.  Her mother truly believes that Cathy sang before she could talk and as a teen would sing along with the radio and her parents’ favorite records.  To this day, cassette tapes exist of Cathy singing along with such greats as Patsy Cline, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, etc.

Under the stage name Pharis Browning, (a combination of her mom’s maiden name, Pharis, and her dad’s last name, Browning ), she opened for artists like The Bellamy Brothers (Hernando County Fair) and Waylon Jennings (Silver Springs) in the 1990’s.  Cathy has also graced the performance stages of the Florida State Fair, Plant City Strawberry Festival, Floral City Strawberry Festival, Hillsborough County Fair, Pasco County Fair as well as many other Central Florida locations. She has sung with two local country bands, Silver Eagle Band and The Stumpknockers.In 1995, Cathy flew to Nashville, TN, and auditioned for Charlie Daniels’ Talent Round Up television show.  She was accepted as an entrant but the show was canceled prior to being able to appear on the show. For several years she put her singing career on hold to take care of her disabled husband and to work.  In 2006, Cathy began performing with MidLife Crisis Entertainers, a local group of performers that offered entertainment to a variety of locations within the Central Florida area.  Cathy’s repertoire includes music from the great ladies of country, swing, 30's, 40's, big band, Broadway, Blues, the female groups from the 50's 60's, & the late, great Karen Carpenter.